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Yoga and Mindfulness Meditation for Equestrians





Are you an equestrian seeking to enhance your connection with your horse? Do you want to improve your posture and riding skills while cultivating a peaceful and centred mind? Follow the path of many top equestrians who adopt these practices. Our program is designed for everyone, from leisure horse owners to top-performers to help discover the perfect harmony between rider and horse.

Course Highlights:

Yoga for Equestrians: Specific yoga poses aimed at improving flexibility, strength, and balance, all essential for optimal riding. Yoga can also aid in recovery from injuries and will help address the common aches and pains experienced by equestrians. We offer a 25-minute sequence or the option to focus on specific body parts.

Mindful Meditation:

Nine guided meditations with affirmations to suit a variety of situations faced by horse owners:

  1. Self-Care and Well-Being Meditation for You.

  2. Connecting with Your New Horse

  3. Achieving Together with Your Horse

  4. Listening to Your Horse's Needs

  5. Daily Gratitude Meditation - Embracing the Gift of Your Horse

  6. Embracing Growth through Reflection on Past Mistakes and Challenges

  7. Cultivating Patience

  8. Healing and Comfort for Your Ailing Horse

  9. Saying Goodbye to Your Beloved Horse

Join us and achieve a harmonious relationship with your horse in both body and mind essential to enhance your own performance and well-being

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