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Angela Hall is the founder of EMA, a highly qualified professional with a wealth of international equine therapy and lecturing experience.   Her love for horses is clear when you observe her working with them and she constantly explores how the human and horse partnership can be improved upon.

She remains current with scientific research through her university connections; always at the  forefront of equine welfare and therapy which is evident in the quality of the training materials and the innovative work she does with horses.

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Angela Hall
The Team
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Angela is inspired and constantly strives to make the world a better place for horses in all walks of life and suggests that:

​‘Whether we support an equestrian discipline or not, as Therapists we should be proud to treat ALL horses as they ALL need our help.’

​She has worked with traumatised, abused and rescued horses and ponies (far too common place in our society) to Group 1 world class racehorses and Grand Prix Dressage and Show Jumping horses They are all horses to her, each fulfilling a unique equestrian role and more often than not, need our support.

​Many people say Angela has a special gift with horses when observing her at work, but she feels that her interaction with horses and the success of her therapy is based largely on a heightened sensitivity of intuition, trust and respect and above all, a deep passion to help fix them.  She draws on her knowledge of science constantly during therapy, whilst also working very closely with the spirit of the horse.  She seems to instinctively know exactly where to work on the horse, which in turn encourages it to work with her, resulting in both amazing and tangible results. Her skills and talents are shared with every single student who trains with EMA.

Angela is proud to awarded the status of Fellow of the International Society of Animal Professionals which was founded to improve animal welfare around the world. She also has corporate membership for EMA. She is also a Council Member of IRVAP (Institute of Registered Veterinary & Animal Physiotherapists), with a primary focus on advising IRVAP on legal matters.








Therapy & Teachings

EMA has developed a first class, fully accredited, award winning career courses that are taught internationally.  Another unique element of the evolving training programmes is the vast array of continuing professional development courses (CPD) we offer to EMA graduates to help them to be the best they can be and always at the forefront of the equine therapy industry.  See some examples on ‘Our graduates at work page’

We have an EMA community of students and graduates who support one another through their career, which is such an important part of the EMA ethos, no one ever feels alone.

​Opportunities to join the EMA teaching team are also actively encouraged. We operate a HOTA (horse owner training academy) scheme whereby graduates can help horse owners develop their knowledge and skills.

In addition, we also employ Graduates in other roles across our equine and canine therapy business.  Instructors, Assessors, Researchers are all are own Graduates.

EMA is currently represented in the following countries:
















Our work with Veterinary Surgeons and other Professionals

There has been a significant and positive shift towards complimentary therapies both in the human and animal field in the last decade. The expertise of Veterinary Surgeons supported by Equine Therapists, Farriers, Saddlers, Behaviourists etc, we feel is integral to the overall health and welfare of the horse.  It’s all about horse owners and other professionals opening their minds to how successfully we can all work together as a team of specialists, by combining the ‘traditional approach’ and the ‘complimentary approach’.  Horses need their musculoskeletal system checking as often as they need a farrier visit.  We liken this to a car – no one would service their car and miss out a vital component!

EMA’s top tip to horse owners

Patience, kindness and everything slowly with horses. Whatever you are doing with your horse always remember it is a highly sensitive and spiritual animal and enjoys being peaceful.  Horse’s that are in pain, anxious and badly behaved are a result of human intervention, we often force them to do things when they don’t feel up to it. They can’t rationalise like humans so they really don’t understand what we are asking of them.  We need to give them something back for all the love, hard work, loyalty and sometimes the 'machine like' existence we impose on them.  Regular physical  therapy is a perfect way to help your horse to be happy and stay healthy whilst also enhancing the human and horse bond.




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