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We have countless testimonials from students who have attended out training courses, in fact, too many to list. We have taken a small selection of comments from some of them which will hopefully give the reader a feel of what EMA is all about.


"EMA stood out to me when I was deciding which course to choose.  I was given glowing feedback about EMA prior to signing up from a friend who had studied with them. And the information provided by EMA whilst in the decision process was top class. 

It has been an absolute pleasure studying with EMA. The expected level of work is high, and there is a perfect balance of classroom training, distance learning and assessment, and individual practical development which is carefully and professionally monitored to assess progress. It is also wonderful that there are many post certification CPD courses that can be undertaken to further expand studies. Angela is constantly updating materials to include the most recent research and keeps students well informed. A very enjoyable, and nicely challenging course. Highly recommended."  Emma Sheridan


"I believe that finding an excellent training provider is paramount for career longevity, so I was delighted to discover the Equine Massage Academy with their high standards of both practical and theoretical learning and assessments. I completed my EMA training and qualification alongside studying a BSc Hons degree and found the content of the EMA course to be on par with education levels 4, 5 and 6 of the degree. The continuation of learning and expanding knowledge and skills with EMA after qualification is unique and highlights the dedication of EMA to their graduates and the equine therapy industry."   Donna Barker


"I chose the equine massage academy due to its reputation, the quality of training and the wide range of CPD courses to complete after qualifying. The training involved was engaging, hands on, in-depth and exceeded my expectations.  The support throughout my training and after, from the team and the graduates has been second to none."  Abbie Holwell


"I was initially drawn to studying with EMA due to the holistic approach of the course. When comparing with other equine massage courses I found the EMA training was the most comprehensive and the layout also demonstrated the depth of the course both practically and theoretically. EMA was also highly recommended to me due to the excellent delivery by Angela and Beth. The practical element of the course is taught brilliantly, both Angela and Beth are extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I have found the attended learning is well organised and easy to follow, and combines a great balance of learning and observed practice of the students. I have previously studied at degree level, and I have found the theory element of this course is of the same standards. But what makes it stand out from studying a university course is the ability to be able to discuss and relate back to my own experiences with horses whether that be with in my case studies or including this in my assignments. I feel the incorporation of this reflective learning has really supported my development as a therapist. I am thoroughly enjoying studying the Equine Integrative Support Therapies course with EMA and I know that I have made the right decision to study with them."  Charlotte Lynskey


"I found EMA a great training company for a number of reasons. Firstly the fact that it ran alongside my university degree and included various assignments within this degree that helped understands EMA training and vice versa it also took the pressure off doing this training course alongside as you completed most theory work within the degree too. Also, there is no pressure from EMA to complete everything in one go you can take your time with uni work then concentrate on EMA work when you can find the time or even after completing your degree. Angela and the team are lovely people too and will help you out in anyway even if it’s something so small you don’t understand. They are also very responsive to emails when you are in need of any help and they aren’t within speaking distance to talk face to face. The CPD courses are very helpful in extending therapists knowledge and skill base too. The course and all CPD is very affordable too compared to other courses out there. It is also UKRS approved which is a big thing to look out for these days as most courses aren’t and people are then ‘qualified’ on a week’s training course. Overall I would definitely recommend EMA training courses to anyone definitely the way forward."

Abi Richards


"I decided to complete the Equine Massage course with EMA as I thought it would complement my Equine Therapy degree. It was one of the best decisions I made, giving me invaluable knowledge and practical skills I would not have learnt elsewhere. The course has allowed me to start my own business and Angela is so supportive and always there to answer any questions I may have.  

The course itself is excellent- with lots of scientific research, practical sessions and assignment based work which helps create a well-rounded and academic therapist- which is much needed in today’s market. 

EMA also provide outstanding CPD courses to ensure I am up to date with recent research and techniques. The CPD is not only extremely well written but very interesting and definitely above the standard currently set for therapy CPD courses.

I can’t thank EMA enough for the excellent teaching and ongoing support- which has allowed me to have a successful business!"

Millicent Sword


"I first chose to train with EMA as they gave me the opportunity to complete the theory work alongside my full-time office job. This was vital for me as I couldn’t give up work to go back to studying which had always stopped me from working towards my dream job. Upon visiting the college for the first time to learn the practical techniques, everyone was really welcoming and friendly.    Angela, Marie and Beth were all so supportive from start to finish and explained all the techniques and how they help, in fine detail. I loved how in depth the course was, it really made you feel that all areas of the horse and their behaviour were being covered. I have continued to receive ongoing support after qualifying and look forward to attending the CPD days with EMA in the near future."     Lakia (Blossom) Grant


“I first discovered EMA when looking for a new career path working with animals. Angela was really helpful and approachable when I spoke to her on the phone about making a decision. The course overview was really thorough, and this helped me to decide to start equine massage therapy training with EMA. The Equine Integrative Support Therapy (EIST) course that I have studied for the past year has been inciteful, thorough and interesting. I love that the course uses the latest scientific research to drive it’s learning material. This benefits me as an equine massage therapist in the field, as I can work at the forefront of science along with other equine professionals.
I have found all of the training extremely interesting and loved the 2 week-long practical training sessions. These really gave me a sense of community with the other trainees, and through this I have made lifelong friends and colleagues. My assignments and case studies were always marked really quickly, and I received constructive feedback to help me improve any future assignments. Whenever I needed support or had questions, Angela and her team where always there to help. The addition of case studies meant I qualified with experience of practising ‘in the field’ which is invaluable.The training that EMA provides really goes above and beyond any other courses that I know of, in terms of support for their trainees but also the course content, and I would definitely recommend this course to anybody looking to complete a professional and all-encompassing massage therapy course.”  Lucy Green

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, especially the practical learning. Both Angela and Beth have been fantastic in their teaching and make sure that you completely understand everything you learn.  Charlotte Knight

Exceeded Expectations - I looked at many different courses before choosing EMA and I am so happy I decided to pick this one. Angela and Beth were fab and were able to answer any questions put their way. I felt confident leaving after the week to begin the course work and case studies ready for module 2!"   Meghan Scarratt

"Fabulous course and training - this is a fabulous course that I am so pleased to have commenced. The training is delivered in such an interesting way by both Angela and Beth that it makes it easy to absorb and it is set in the fantastic Bishop Burton Equine college which is a perfect setting and provides lots of opportunity for practical sessions. There is a lot of work ahead in terms of both assignments and case studies in order to gain the final qualification but it will be worth it in order to achieve all the relevant theory and practical knowledge to provide the best possible therapy and services to customers. There is also ongoing CPD opportunities meaning that we can all continually grow our knowledge base. Thank you Angela!"  Tara Price

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