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Equine Water Treadmill for Training & Rehabiltation






Accredited by IRVAP (Level 2)

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Welcome to our state-of-the-art equine water treadmill course, designed exclusively for horse enthusiasts and professionals alike. We unveil the secrets of this ground-breaking training method. Our comprehensive programme combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical sessions, equipping participants with the skills to harness the benefits of hydrotherapy for equine athletes. Led by industry experts, this immersive course delves into the science behind water treadmills, their physiological advantages, and customised training techniques.

The course includes a comprehensive training manual, a user guide and several videos of horses using the equipment.  The videos are critiqued, providing you with practical information on what you should be looking for whilst monitoring the horse on the equipment at various water heights.  Such as how it is coping, whether it is beneficial or should the water height be altered depending on the horse’s movement, posture, breathing and much more.

(2 CPD Points)

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"I cannot recommend the equine water treadmill course enough! The training manual and user guide provided a solid foundation of knowledge, but it was the inclusion of videos that truly set this course apart. Being able to witness horses using the equipment and receiving expert feedback gave me invaluable practical insights. The course has equipped me with the skills to make informed decisions about using water treadmill training for my eventer and made me realise the place I’ve been using doesn’t have the knowledge needed. Thank you for this extraordinary learning opportunity!"

Rebecca Sotheby

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