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Optimum Management for Travelling Horses Certificate of Competency




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Whether you embark on short leisure trips or long commercial journeys with horses, this course is an absolute must for you. Learn from seasoned experts and discover the art of responsible and caring horse travel. Our top priority is the well-being of all horses, ensuring they experience utmost comfort and safety during every journey, with a strong focus on high welfare standards.

Gain insights into how horses hold their bodies in transport and the potential damages, and master effective strategies to mitigate such risks and more. Prepare to learn a wealth of fascinating facts that serve as essential tools for your future travelling with horses.

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Sarah W

"I travel a lot with my horses, and I always strive to ensure their well-being and comfort during our journeys. However, this course took my understanding and practices to a whole new level.

Not only have I become more confident in providing the best care for my horses, but I've also gained a competitive edge when travelling to competitions. I highly recommend this course to anyone who travels their horse".

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