Racehorse to Riding Horse Aftercare




Course Date & Fees:

TBA - £85



1 day



online with instructor

A level 3 certified training course is delivered in multi-media on-line with an Instructor.

The rehabilitation of racehorses for another profession is a rapidly growing endeavour.  We have used a combination of our experience of working in therapy with racehorses across many continents, our success in rehabilitating racehorses for their new life and our established reputation in education to bring this essential training with an unrivalled level of expertise to the owners of former racehorses or those thinking about taking on a Thoroughbred from racing.

The training allows the learner to have a greater insight into the injuries and conditions of a racehorse that can affect their future alternative career,  many of which are manageable with the proper care,  resulting in longevity for the ex- racehorse, enhanced health and wellbeing and the chance of improved performance in a new career.


We have developed our own best practice guide of the rehabilitation process which when being trialled has made a huge and positive difference to owners in this category.







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