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Paddock Management for Equestrian Use

Paddocks for equine use have many different purposes—they are a food source, a natural exercise area, and a secure environment for socialising and interacting with other horses. Please don’t think this training is just about managing paddocks—it is far from it. All of our courses promote maximum equine well-being, and this training can improve overall horse health and reduce injuries.  Anyone with a horse or equine premises should take part!

We include:

  • Routine paddock practices for maximum horse health

  • Benefits of multi-species grazing

  • Insights into a horse’s microbiome

  • Introduction to Zoopharmacognosy and natural horse health

  • Understanding why horses chew wood

  • Exactly how much water a horse should consume in a day

  • Health concerns when horses graze on over-fertilised paddocks

And much more!

Join us to ensure your horses thrive in a well-maintained and healthy environment.

​(1 CPD Point)

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I have a small livery yard in Scotland with 12 liveries. I really enjoyed this training and have implemented several new practices as a result. The course was very beneficial and provided a lot of valuable content for just £35.

Margaret McKay

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