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Equine Kinesiology Taping Myofascial & Neuro Tapings (Part 3)






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This final day of the kinesiology taping trio focuses on advanced tapings. Comprising of fascia, nerve pain, tendons and ligaments of the libs, hematomas, scar tissue, pelvic stability, locking stifles and foals with angular limb deformities.

Please note that it is recommended to consider taking our Advanced Equine Myofascial Release & Kinetic Chains course beforehand, as it may provide valuable knowledge and enhance your understanding of some of the subject matter.

(2 CPD Points)

Please contact to enrol.


Marie Bellingham

“The course manual content and hands-on skills of Donna the instructor, was impressive. I quickly grasped the correct taping techniques and demonstrated a deep understanding of how the tapes can be used to support horses in my therapy work.”

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