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Practitioner Equine Sports & Remedial Massage (Level 5)



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Online plus Practical Training



2 evenings online, 3 days practical


Dates & Venue:

25-27 March 2023 - East Yorkshire/North Lincolnshire border (practicals)

What is the Difference in this course and the Equine Integrative Support Therapies?

This is aimed at both the Further Education student and the Higher Education student.  It is the same high standard and quality as the other course but it is taught over one Module and not two and the course fee is less.  Once qualifying you can later top up to the Module 2 of the Advanced Practitioner in Integrative Support Therapies which is a broader programme of study with a more detailed rehabilitation focus.  It really depends on how far you want your equine therapy career to go.  With this course you can qualify earlier and top up later if you wish but it is totally your choice.

What is Equine Therapy?

Therapy plays a vital role in the maintenance of all horses.  A Therapist usually works on a self-employed basis and provides treatments on horses at regular intervals to ensure the horse’s musculoskeletal system is healthy and maintained sufficiently for the work expected of it with a focus on reducing injury and enhancing performance.  All horses are candidates for physical therapy: a retired horse with aching joints and muscles, a  leisure horse, a competition horse or a horse in rehabilitation they will all need a specific therapy approach.

Overview of the Training Programme

  • If you are passionate about a career in Equine Therapy with everything you need to be successful and well respected then this is the training programme for you.  UK Rural Skills accredited, align to level 5.

  • ​The unique programme produces equine professionals with excellent sports and therapeutic practical skills to implement on horses based on in-depth assessment of the horse and academic knowledge learned.

  • There is a growing demand for ‘high quality and caring’  professionals in the equine complimentary healthcare sector.  We meet this at EMA,  every horse is treated as an individual – we don’t just teach you to massage a horse – every horse is different and requires a tailored approach and there is much more to therapy than massage alone.

  • Our Therapists are second to none with the skills and knowledge to help leisure and performance horses of all disciplines to perform more athletically, recover better whilst enhancing their health and wellbeing. 


What you Study

  • ​​An immense range of musculoskeletal practical skills for you to apply, such as:  sports massage, deep tissue muscle release, myofascial release and trigger point therapy.   

  • ​Training principles that are based on objective, evidence based research and a thorough understanding of the horse.  With a keen interest in injury prevention.

  • The physical and emotional structure of the horse include its anatomy & physiology, behaviour and psychology, other important systems such as the foot and dentition and much more.  We even have a unit dedicated to building a successful business and the legalities involved with this including working with other professionals and within the Veterinary Act.



Programme Delivery

  • Angela Hall and her team of highly qualified, experienced Instructors who create a relaxed and enjoyable learning environment.

  • ​Multimedia presentations to suit all learning styles and preferences.

  • ​At the ‘attended learning’ we cover industry specifics so you are fully prepared for what you will encounter after you qualify.  Normally held in East Yorkshire but we also offer private training at other facilities on request.

  • In-depth practical skills training on a variety of horses.

  • ​Ongoing support during your ‘distance learning’

  • Fully flexible, whether you are a student, in full time employment, balancing a family etc we are mindful of how busy everyone is.  Delivery is therefore in 1 block which has some virtual tuition and then practical sessions with horses over 3 days.  Usually a weekend. 

  • Flexibility is our ethos with training, completion of studies and payment of fees



  • ​By training with EMA you will excel in your own therapy practice, even if you choose another equine related career, the knowledge and skills you will have learned are an instant advantage when applying for jobs because employers are keen to have people who can multi-task within their team of equine professionals.

  • You can ‘top up’ with Module 2 to the Advanced Practitioner in Equine Integrative Support Therapies course.

  • ​We currently have graduates working as: Equine Musculoskeletal Therapists, in Equine Rehabilitation facilities, Lecturers, Rescue Centres and much more both in the UK and Internationally.

  • ​To support you through your career we offer a full range of add on CPD (continuing professional development) training days in associated therapies both complementary and alternative which are popular among our Graduates and again supplement your skills  to be the best you can be in the industry. Extensive training all in one place guaranteeing the same high standards.

Tuition Fees

​The fees for the course are very competitive given the high standard of training offered by EMA with the UKRS accreditation.  We are not the most expensive course and not the cheapest but we are the best !

Attendance in the UK training fees:

Total Fees = £1600.00

​Final Assessment & Certification = £150

​*Monthly Payment Plans are available *

 Fees from as little as £50 per month.


Entry Criteria

​We welcome applications from at least ONE of the following categories: We do not discriminate against any applicants – each application is taken on its own merit.  If in doubt if you will qualify for a place on our training programme please get in touch and we will be happy to help you.

  • ​Experienced horse owners who have a good standard of education (GCSE minimum, Maths & English)

  • Those who might already possess an Equestrian qualification.

  • Experience of working in the equine industry in a professional capacity as a Trainer, Riding Instructor, Veterinary nurse, Dentist, Farrier, Groom etc.



​Please complete and return the application form below.

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