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Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting for Equestrians




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This course is aimed at horse owners, to receive expert advice on how to accurately assess bid and bridle comfort in their horses, this being an essential component into the horse’s health, wellbeing and performance.

In this course, participants will learn the essential skills and knowledge required to properly select, fit, and maintain bits and bridles for their horses. The course covers various aspects of bit and bridle fitting, ensuring the safety and comfort of both the horse and rider. It begins with an introduction to the significance of proper fitting and the potential consequences of an ill-fitting bit or bridle.  The course will delve into the equine skull and criteria for selecting the right bit based on a horse's conformation, mouth shape, preference and the desired riding discipline. Additionally, it will address bit types, materials, sizing and the mechanics of bit action.

Hands-on fitting practice will allow participants to apply what they've learned from video demonstrations and guidance from the instructor. Troubleshooting and problem-solving techniques for addressing common issues related to bit and bridle fitting will be explored, helping riders enhance their horse's comfort and performance.

Overall, this comprehensive course equips participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to ensure the well-being and performance of horses through proper bit and bridle fitting.

There will be an option for participants to further their education to become a professional Equine Bit and Bridle Fitting Consultant if they are looking for a career change or an added opportunity to work in the equine industry alongside another profession.

(2 CPD Points)

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After struggling with my ex racehorse’s behaviour for months, I decided to take this course which I found to be incredibly informative and practical, providing me with a deeper understanding of how proper equipment can make all the difference in a horse's behaviour.  The results with my horse are nothing short of remarkable.

Emily Collinson

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