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Equine Alternative Therapies

(Meridians and Acupressure)




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Are you a passionate horse lover or professional seeking to enhance your equine care skills? Look no further! Our Equine Alternative Therapies multimedia course, is a transformative learning experience dedicated to acupressure and meridian work on horses for horse owners and professionals alike with video demonstrations and a comprehensive manual with specific body routines for you to follow.

​Unlock the secrets of ancient Eastern wisdom and discover the power of meridian and acupressure therapy for horses.  Imagine the joy of witnessing a horse's renewed vitality, increased flexibility, and improved overall health. By understanding and stimulating the energy pathways within the horse's body, you'll unlock its full potential.

This natural alternative therapy fully compliments mainstream modalities such as massage and physiotherapy.  We will share our routines for a variety of conditions such as arthritis, colic, anxiety, oedema, pre and post workout routines and much more as you learn how to stimulate the horse’s bioenergy circulation system.

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Louise Edwards

"I wanted to share my experience with the Equine Alternative Therapies course. My 18-year-old horse Bella, who is an ex-racer, has been suffering from arthritis for years, and I was desperate to find a solution to help her live a comfortable life. Thanks to this course, Bella's arthritis is more manageable, and we can now enjoy hacking together again."

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