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Energy Healing for Horses


(1 day £150) 




Join Angela Hall and Dr Isla Fishburn for this one day workshop that will introduce you to the foundations of what every living thing is made up of – energy and vibration! Behind the physical being that we and other animals are, there is a non-physical state that is both being influenced by and is influencing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health of that individual. It is about nourishment on all levels so that an animal is receiving full balance within it’s own health and wellness.


Everything is energy. Even between the spaces that we live in there is an invisible network that connects everything together as one. This is why when we are passionate and dedicated to improving the life of another animal we must explore the energy state of the animal, of the environment and also ourselves. Nothing is separate, so out own actions, thoughts, words and emotions, for example, can have an affect on another animal we are interacting with.


Being a prey animal, horses are very sensitive to subtle changes in energy, including your heartbeat and energy state. What we want to achieve is coherence so that you and a horse are synchronised and aligned. Whilst recognised as a physical organ that is responsible for life, the heart is also a highly sophisticated energy signal that communicates to everything outside of you and, in turn, send information back to you. All animals including us are heart led. Did you know that the before the brain begins to develop in a foetus, it is the heart that develops first! Did you know that the electromagnetic field of a human heart is 5000 times greater than any other part of the human body! When we step out of simply existing and living as a physical being and move in to the vibrational and energy being that we are all other life forms are, your connection, interaction, understanding and progress with a horse may improve considerably.


When interacting with any animal and certainly those that have challenges within the energy body through trauma, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, anger etc the best place to begin is with you! Think of yourself as an antenna. The impulses your heart emits every moment is like a scanner that other animals can feel, detect and respond to. All animals feel and live from their heart. Long ago, we did the same and can continue to do the same to this day – it’s just a matter of returning to this state and place.


In shamanic traditions, there are deep teachings and much focus on living from the heart and being heart-led. These teachings begin at an early age and are part of life for indigenous communities. Being heart-led is what allows for such societies to deeply feel, know and receive information from other life forms that are both in the physical and non-physical world.


This one-day workshop will introduce you to some simple and basic concepts of shamanic practice and earth based teachings. You will spend time practicing what it feels like to respond, feel and “think” from the heart and learn how your own energy state can affect a horse.


The morning will begin with an introduction to shamanic teachings and how we can choose to live our life from these teachings and the sacredness of them and who we are. We will then spend time exploring how to “quiet the mind” and feel from the heart before going deeper in to a shamanic journey and state where you can experience from the non-physical being that you are. After, we will have some fun practicing sensing and recognising energy as well as how you can do this for your horse to recognise their energy field, energy tears and how to repair them. The afternoon will then be spent practicing energy healing and work with Angela Hall and Dr Isla Fishburn.


Dr Isla Fishburn is a canine wellness practitioner and shamanic practitioner for people and dogs. She is the founder of Kachina Canine, her business, as well as Sacred Creator, a five-month shamanic coaching program for those who work with animals. Isla has had a long interest in nature, vibrational healing and conservation to create coherence for the collective and she combines science and indigenous wisdom to improve the life of all. She has a BSc in Zoology and a MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology. Before working with domestic animals, Isla spent several years working as with captive wolves. Isla holds a series of online courses, workshops, talks, one to one consultations and shamanic teachings to better the life of dogs and people. You can find out more by visiting