Energy Healing for Horses


(1 day £150) 




Modern science continues to explore what the ancient healers believed to be a universal energy that affects all life, positively and negatively.  Much research suggests that we are all surrounded by energy fields that permeate through our tissues and cells and if they function out of rhythm or become blocked, we can be adversely affected, giving rise to physical and emotional conditions.


We are living in a more economically challenging and cruel world than ever, sadly with a growing number of cases of animal abuse. This means that many horse owners inherit a horse that may still carry a plethora of negative emotional baggage from a previous home which undoubtedly affects its ongoing behaviour.  It can then also be misunderstood by its new owner because of its ‘bad behaviour’ and the cycle may continue.


Other than a structured re-training programme and immense emotional support from the owner, how amazing would it be if we could find a formula to enhance this change process.  Possibly ‘energy ‘healing’ is that formula? massage certainly helps as we  witness during our therapy work with many emotionally challenged or ‘abused’ horses and ponies as it allows the horse to relax and let go.


If you have an open mind and appreciate the sensitivity and spiritual nature of the horse, why not try working on a deeply emotional level and see what you can learn and what transpires for the horse!