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Equine Emergency First Aid

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All custodians of horses share a common dread which is facing a medical emergency. Whether you are the owner, trainer, or groom, the responsibility for the horse's welfare weighs heavily. Being prepared for such emergencies and knowing the appropriate actions can be the determining factor between life and death for the horse. In our training, we will give you sound advice for medical emergencies and show you how to accurately take vital signs and administer first aid in various situations.

It is essential for all horse owners to learn how to take vital signs correctly. Regularly monitoring these signs provides an overall impression of the horse's state of health and enables you to detect any deviations early on. By staying vigilant, you can identify potential problems at their onset and take prompt action, safeguarding your horse's well-being.

Anyone providing a professional service such as a Therapist, Riding Instructor, Hydrotherapy Centre, Livery Yard Owner, Equestrian Centre staff etc should take this course to show their clients they are well prepared for all eventualities.

(2 CPD Points)


Beverley Whittaker

"The course content was comprehensive, covering everything from common injuries and illnesses to more critical emergencies. We learned how to assess a horse's vital signs, recognise signs of distress, and take appropriate action to stabilise the animal until professional help arrives even acupressure points to help horses stay calm.

One of the aspects I appreciated the most was the focus on prevention. We learned about the importance of regular health checks, maintaining a well-stocked equine first aid kit, and creating a safe environment for our horses. Being proactive in preventing emergencies is just as crucial as knowing how to react when they occur".

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