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Master Therapist

(Align to Level 6)





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As Equine Practitioners, we are well aware that titles like Equine Physiotherapist or Veterinary Physiotherapist can be used freely without any specific restrictions. However, we stipulate that our graduates exercise caution in using such titles to avoid creating the impression that they have completed certain courses or qualifications that they haven't.

At EMA, we take pride in knowing that our training surpasses that of many others in the field of animal therapy. We are committed to providing unrivalled opportunities for continuing professional development (CPD) to our students and graduates. Our aim is to differentiate ourselves in the equine therapy industry by delivering top-notch training and offering exceptional service as Practitioners for horses.

We are delighted to offer the prestigious "Master" status as a goal for those who have already qualified with us. However, we want to emphasise that pursuing this pathway is entirely optional. If you choose not to follow the Master's route, you can still opt to take a few CPD courses with us to enhance your skills and knowledge, and you will still be recognised as a skilled and proficient Practitioner. We understand that not everyone may aspire to be a Master, but for those who do, we provide the necessary support and opportunities to help them achieve this accreditation aligned to UK level 6.




Initial Training


You need to complete the “Advanced Practitioner in Equine Integrative Support Therapies” first.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

You need to embark on several of our online courses as follows but the order you complete them is purely your own choice:

·         Equine Craniosacral Therapy

·         Advanced Myofascial Release and Kinetic Chains

·         Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage

·         Advanced Assessment & Prescription for Performance and Rehabilitation

·         Equine Emergency First Aid

·         Equine Conformation Biomechanics and Beyond

·         The Full Extent of Equine Lameness

·         Training from an Anatomical Perspective

·         Horse Bit and Bridle Assessment

·         Phototherapy for Animals

·         Equine Water Treadmill for Training and Rehabilitation

·         Holistic Therapy for All Breeding Stock

On completion of the above 12 CPD courses, you will be required to complete case studies on 3 horses, 3 sessions with each horse utilising a variety of the skills learned in the CPD training.  The fee for the case studies is £350.  Once your case studies have been completed and assessed you will gain the Master certification.

How to Proceed?

Please get in touch with Millie at and include copies of your certification for the Advanced Practitioner in Equine Integrative Support Therapies and the relevant CPD courses. Afterward, you'll be required to submit a £350 fee, and Millie will then provide you with the necessary information to complete the case studies. 

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