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Master Equine Manual Therapist (M.E.M.T)

(Level 6)





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Your Investment in Excellence

Ready to elevate your equine manual therapy practice to new heights? Join our Master in Equine Manual Therapy Programme, where you'll earn the prestigious post-nominals M.E.M.T.

As an equine manual therapist, you already grasp the significance of continuous learning and remaining at the forefront of advancements in your field. Our programme is designed to elevate your expertise, hone your skills, and equip you with the credentials necessary to thrive in this dynamic arena.

The programme is accredited by UKRS align to level 6.


You must have completed our Advanced Practitioner in Equine Integrative Support Therapies (APEIST) level 5 or Practitioner in Equine Sports and Remedial Massage (PESRM) level 4.

Or studied with another course provider and attained accreditation at a level 4 minimum.

You will have been practising as an Equine Manual Therapist for at least 2 years and undertaking CPD.

It is recommended you will have manual therapist membership with IRVAP but not essential.

We prioritise your ongoing professional development through our own Continuing Professional Development (CPD) online courses, tailored to enhance both your skills and knowledge. Before you embark on the Master Programme you must complete 14 of our CPD online courses:

  1. Equine Kinesio Taping parts 1, 2, 3 (or another equivalent professional K Taping accreditation)

  2. Equine Craniosacral Therapy

  3. Advanced Myofascial Release and Kinetic Chains

  4. Myofascial Decompression Technique (Cupping)

  5. Advanced Assessment & Prescription for Training and Rehabilitation

  6. Tension Point Release

  7. Equine Emergency First Aid

  8. Phototherapy for Animals

  9. Bit and Bridle Assessment for Horse Owners

  10. Empowering Equestrians with Saddle Assessment Skills

  11. Equine Water Treadmill for Training and Rehabilitation

  12. Equine Conformation Biomechanics and Beyond

  13. The Full Extent of Equine Lameness

  14. Training from an Anatomical Perspective

Progressing to the Master Programme

You are required to complete 3 comprehensive case studies on horses utilising the additional skills learned during the CPD.

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