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horse massage training courses, spinal freedom.

Equine Spinal Freedom Mobilisation




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This CPD training is designed for Equine Manual Therapists seeking to enhance their skill set. Participants will acquire advanced palpation skills for accurately assessing and identifying musculoskeletal issues in horses. Subsequently, they will learn mobilisation techniques tailored to both the axial (central) and appendicular (limbs) skeleton of horses.

The mobilisation techniques shared in this programme serve dual purposes: they enhance joint fluidity in targeted areas while eliciting a reflex response in the spinal cord, leading to the relaxation of muscles surrounding bones and joints. This multifaceted approach not only reduces tension but also enhances range of motion and overall mobility.

​It's important to note that the skills taught in this programme comprise of “thrusts” with a focus on the alignment and function of the musculoskeletal system when therapists are met with tissue that is stuck.

Another great dimension to their repertoire of skills.

(3 CPD Points)

MASTER CTA BUTTON 2023 Smaller with Price 70.png

Mei-Ling Wong, Asia.

"I attended the course in 2022 when I came to the UK from Asia and found it a great experience for an equine massage therapist as I wanted to expand my skill set.  I now have another great tool to use alongside my massage work.  I also attended the online advanced myofascial release and craniosacral course that is available.  I didn’t originally train with Equine Massage Academy because of the distance, but I now wish I had because their courses are the best by far, and I feel more confident as a massage therapist".

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