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Equine Conformation, Biomechanics and Beyond






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Unlock the secrets of equine excellence with our comprehensive course on Equine Conformation, Biomechanics, and Beyond!  You will journey into the art and science of evaluating equine structure, movement, and performance. Whether you're an aspiring horse enthusiast, a seasoned equestrian, or a professional, this course offers a unique opportunity to refine your eye for conformational details, understand the intricacies of equine biomechanics, and explore cutting-edge advancements in the field.

By following our expert guidance, you will gain valuable insights into optimising horse health and maximizing athletic potential.

(3 CPD Points)


Grace Whitmore-Smith

"I’ve had horses for 35 years and thought I knew a lot already but this course took my understanding to a whole new level.  Angela is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, and her ability to explain complex concepts in a clear and simplified manner was truly impressive. The information I have learned will help me to understand how a horse’s conformation affects its movement and explains why certain horses can do certain things and others can’t and certain advantages in conformation for specific disciplines.  I look at my horses in a totally different way now".

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