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Equine Biosecurity Best Practice Protocols






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“We must work together to protect the equine industry”

This is the first training of its kind, written by industry health & safety and equine experts.  The training is intended for all equestrian premises and industry operators such as livery yards, competition yards etc.  People who work in the industry such as Therapists, Grooms, Riding Instructors all those who need to show their equine customer they can operate strict biosecurity protocols which are essential to stop the spread of disease (we’ve really learned this through Covid-19).  Also, anyone who owns a horse, you’ll all be amazed at what is obvious in biosecurity but also what you might never have never thought about but places your horse and you at risk of disease.  Complete with car sticker templates, posters for display at your premises and much more.

(2 CPD Points)


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