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Equine Tension Point

Release (TPR)





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Discover the healing power of gentle touch as I did after years of witnessing the challenges that many horses face in tolerating traditional forms of human touch.  I embarked on a journey to create a therapy that would cater to their emotional and physical needs. Equine Tension Point Release, or TPR for short, is the result of my extensive research and hands-on experience working with elite competing horses across the globe.

TPR stands out as a distinct and innovative approach developed by me, Angela Hall, to equine therapy. Unlike trigger point therapy and similar modalities, TPR focuses on specific tension points within a horse's body, typically found at key junctions, muscle groups, and bone landmarks. This unique approach addresses both physical discomfort and emotional challenges that horses encounter in their daily lives.  An excellent modality for horses that consume tension and are shut off, it works extremely well with racehorses among others.

No need for anatomy and physiology knowledge! With TPR, simply follow the 15 key points I’ve discovered, and I provide you with essential pointers in the training manual to address the reasons behind the horse's tension. It's that simple – TPR is accessible to everyone, ensuring every horse gets the care they deserve.

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