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Advanced Equine Assessment for Therapists

(1day) £150




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This full day training course covers more advanced aspects of equine practice including assessment and therapy techniques. In order to be eligible for enrolment students must have been qualified for a minimum of one-year to ensure relevant industry experience.  Key areas addressed are:


·         Advanced Equine Assessment Techniques

·         Therapy Techniques of Specific Conditions

·         Post-Injury Management Techniques

·         Progressive Exercise Prescription

·         Practical Hands-on Training


The training will cover a variety of advanced equine assessment techniques including advanced palpation skills; pain differentiation, ROM, myotatic reflexes and much more. We will then discuss therapy protocols for specific conditions including neck, lumbar and pelvic pathologies.

We will discuss post-injury management techniques including horse modifications and enrichment techniques, plus progressive exercise prescription which can be given to your owners to help compliment your therapy and maintain the horse between therapy sessions.


This course will be useful for Therapists who want to enhance their assessment and therapy techniques and take their practice to the next level.

The day will be a combination of lectures, practicals and hands-on techniques. 

For more information or to book please contact Jenny Williams BSc (Hons), AdvCertVPhys, CertClinEd, MIRVAP (VP), CertCanineHydrotherapy