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Equine Massage for Horse Owners




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"Enrolling on the Equine Massage for Horse Owners Course under the guidance of Angela Hall, was an absolute game-changer for me and my horse Sultan.  I've always been passionate about their well-being, but I never realised the impact massage therapy could have.  I now plan a weekly massage for my horse and soon witnessed his muscular tension decrease, and his overall performance improved.  He definitely seems a happier horse!"

Sarah Thompson

Are you a devoted horse owner seeking to enhance your equine companion's well-being and performance? Look no further! Our Equine Massage for Horse Owners Course, designed to unlock the incredible benefits of massage therapy for all horses regardless of their lifestyle - whether they are retired, leisure horses or competitive athletes.  They will all benefit.

Our comprehensive course provides you with the knowledge and skills to massage your horse on a regular basis and between the appointments of professionals.

Delve into the art and science of equine massage to promote relaxation, injury preparation and recovery, and peak performance in horses.

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