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Empowering Equestrians with Saddle Assessment Skills



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Why did we produce this training?

Because the statistics are alarming: a staggering 90% of riders use ill-fitting saddles, as revealed by musculoskeletal therapists in their work with horses. This widespread issue is simply unacceptable in the equine industry, directly impacting both equine welfare and performance. Our mission is clear: to equip equestrians with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the comfort, health, and optimal performance of their horses.


What Will You Gain from This Training?

We delve into the expertise of professionals, guiding you on how to identify the subtle signs saddle damage in the horses back and how to avoid them becoming a major concern.

Selecting the right saddle, padding, and girth system, and navigating the complexities of saddle fit which can be a real challenge for many especially when horses change shape or are aging and don’t hold their topline as they once did.

Ensuring the welfare of your horse and the safety of both horse and rider is paramount.  You will gain invaluable insights with our accompanying safety and comfort video, offering practical tips for regular saddle assessment and maintenance.

Elevate your equestrian skills and knowledge today, which in the long run can save you financial implications of downtime and horses with back injuries that can be very challenging to fix with regular therapy.

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I bought my first horse 10 years ago and she came with a saddle that was too small for her, I didn’t know at the time how much damage she had to her back, in the muscles but the spine also.  It took appointments with a physio and a vet x-ray to find the extent of the damage.  Sadly, the mare was unrideable and she became a brood mare.  I have another horse now and can’t stress enough how we should be regularly checking saddle fit.  This course has really opened my eyes.

Claire Stephenson

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