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Holistic Therapy for all Breeding Stock

'Maintaining & Correcting Musculoskeletal Health'





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Unleash the full potential of your breeding stock through our all-encompassing and transformative Holistic Therapy for All Breeding Stock course. Step beyond conventional care as we equip you with invaluable knowledge and techniques to guarantee the health and well-being of mares, foals, stallions, and youngsters alike. From nutrition to stress reduction, preconception to postpartum, our course leaves no aspect of breeding stock care unexplored, enhancing their reproductive performance and fostering a harmonious and thriving environment.

Guided by seasoned experts in breeding and equine therapy, you'll acquire profound insights and practical skills, elevating your breeding to new heights. Embrace the holistic approach and witness the positive impact it will have on your breeding stock, whether you're a professional stud, a horse owner with a mare and foal, or a therapist venturing into breeding stock. The course includes an opening video presentation, a comprehensive manual, and five instructional videos showcasing massage therapy for all equine breeding stock. This training ensures your breeding stock receives the utmost support they deserve. Join us now to embark on a journey of empowerment and excellence in breeding care.

(2 CPD Points)


Dave Kiernan

"As manager of Quill farm here in Ireland we are always looking for ways of improving the mental and physical health of our mares and foals, since completing the course we have used many of the techniques shown  and can honestly say I can see changes in the mares already. I believe that a happy peaceful mare will produce a healthier foal physically and more important mentally going forward be it a racing career or other, so I would recommend this course to anyone looking for the best for our beautiful equine friends".

MASTER CTA BUTTON 2023 Smaller with Price 70.png
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