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Practitioner in Equine Botanical Choices (Zoopharmacognosy)

(Level 5)



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Discover the Healing Power of Nature for Horses and embark on a rewarding career where you can transform the lives of horses through natural choices.  If you believe in the incredible healing potential of nature and are passionate about horses, then our Practitioner in Equine Botanical Choices (Zoopharmacognosy) online training programme is just for you!  We will bring this fascinating concept alive with our online multimedia course.

Zoopharmacognosy is the study of self-selection or self-medication in animals and explores the amazing ways in which animals instinctively seek out and utilise medicinal plants and other botanicals to heal themselves.   Our training focuses on the application of this knowledge specifically to horses, allowing you to understand their natural tendencies and empower you to provide them with appropriate botanical options for their well-being leading to happier, healthier lives.

By studying with us, you’ll delve into the rich history of how animals, including horses, have long relied on nature's pharmacy to maintain their health. You'll explore the chemical compounds in various plants and how they can be harnessed to support equine health, you will be able to complement veterinary care with conditions such as wound health, digestive, respiratory, circulatory, musculoskeletal, boosting the immune system, behavioural issues and many more.  This is a very comprehensive course that covers close to 100 different conditions.

This is a complementary therapy course and is not a replacement for veterinary care. It is aimed at people looking for more natural ways to assist the health and wellbeing of their animals.

Why Choose Our Training?

This level 5 accredited programme, will allow you to practice the art and science of natural horse care in the equine industry as a fully insured Practitioner.  Angela Hall, who produced the course, has been working with botanicals and practising Zoopharmacognosy for many years, she is also a Master in Herbology.  Our expertly crafted curriculum covers everything from an in-depth knowledge of botanicals to the practical skills required to enable you to become a skilled practitioner in this captivating field.

Angela and her team have an ethical approach by prioritising the well-being of horses and the preservation of their natural behaviours. You'll learn how to offer botanical choices in an ethical and non-intrusive manner, ensuring the horse remains in control of their healing process.

Entry Requirements:

To enrol in this programme, candidates must meet the following criteria:

A solid academic foundation is essential, with a minimum of good GCE grades at grade C or above.  The preferred qualifications include an 'A' level standard or an equivalent educational background. Candidates should possess a history of owning or working with horses, serving as a minimum requirement.  It must be noted that this course is classified as advanced education, emphasising the need for a strong educational background and experience base with horses.

Additionally, it's important to have a holistic approach to equine healthcare, aiming to provide your horse owner clients with a complementary approach to natural healthcare for their horses.

Unsure if you meet the entry rquirements? Just contact Millie at: She will be happy to assist with any questions you have.

Upon successful completion of our training programme, you'll earn a prestigious Practitioner in Equine Botanical Choices (Zoopharmacognosy) Certification. This recognition not only showcases your expertise in the field but also provides credibility for your clients.

Don't miss this opportunity to transform your passion for horses into a rewarding career that revolves around healing with nature's gifts. Whether you're an equine professional or an avid horse lover, our Practitioner training programme will empower you to make a positive impact on equine health and happiness.

How is the Training Delivered?

The theory and practical tuition are delivered online in a step-by-step process, in a multimedia format.  You have access to video lectures and downloadable manuals.  You will take part in quizzes to engage you in your learning.  You have two assignments  to complete in Module 1 and case studies with horses in Module 2. At the end of this training, you will film your final assessment by conducting a botanical choices session with a horse.

All coursework is assessed by our expert Assessor and Practitioner Tara, which is a key part of your study journey to receive valuable feedback and advice on the work you have submitted.

Our videos and multimedia bring the world of botanical choices alive with real-life examples to prepare you for the industry as a Practitioner.

We keep you motivated throughout the course – our set-up is not clinical – it is based on real-life, and is delivered in a friendly and accessible way to everyone,  wherever you live in the world.  If you need any extra tuition with Tara, this is available via Zoom.

Who is the Course Accredited with?

UK Rural Skills so you are guaranteed the highest standards.  Angela Hall is also a qualified quality assurance assessor, she constantly strives to ensure the courses are up-to-date with science and research so you are always at the forefront of the profession.

Course Completion

Realistically the course can be completed in 12 months alongside a full-time career and other commitments depending on the time you have to allocate to your studies, but longer if you need.  The course duration is entirely flexible, you dictate the pace.

Payment of Fees with Total Flexibility

You can be up front of “pay as you go” this way, you can study in accordance with your available funds.

The total course fee is £2100.

Module 1 which is the theory learning is £800, followed by Module 2 which is the practical learning at £1300.

You can pay for each Module in full or in instalments over 12 months.





"I am delighted to provide a testimonial for this equine training which I successfully completed and then went on to complete the CPD training in other species where I focussed on dogs, cats and agricultural animals during my training.

Angela and the EMA team's unwavering dedication to delivering first-class training is truly impressive, and I must emphasise the exceptional feedback and support provided by Tara, the Assessor.

Since I completed this training, I have had the privilege of assisting numerous animals, significantly expanding my knowledge and greatly improving my practice. EMA's holistic approach and relentless commitment to promoting health and healing in not only equines but also other species are truly commendable. I wholeheartedly recommend this training to anyone aspiring to pursue a career in providing compassionate and effective care for animals".

Jacqueline Glisson

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