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Natural Horse Health for Wellness: Harnessing the Power of Plants




Are you ready to transform the way you care for your horse using natural remedies and the wisdom of the wild? Join us for an enlightening educational opportunity that delves deep into the heart of natural horse health, unearthing the potent power of botanicals to enhance equine vitality and well-being.

What You Will Learn:

Explore the natural dietary patterns of wild horses and how you can replicate this for your horse’s optimum health.  Angela Hall  is a Zoopharmacognosist and Master in Herbology so your learning will be from the best.

  • Understand the difference between food and medicine for horses.

  • Dive into the fascinating world where animals self-medicate using nature's pharmacy known as “zoopharmacognosy”

  • Weigh the pros and cons of integrating supplements into your horse's diet.

  • Learn strategies to reduce toxin exposure and practical methods to detoxify your horse effectively.

  • Whether planting a botanical paddock or exploring other options, discover how to meet your horse's natural browsing needs

  • Common ailments linked to nutrient deficiencies and how to remedy them naturally.

  • Get hands-on with recipes for making your own equine healthcare products, including warming gel, cooling gel, joint aids, foot soaks, hoof conditioning treatments, skin cleansers, gastric care solutions, and insect repellents—all proven to work!

This course will deepen your understanding of natural horse care, by offering insights and practical skills that will empower you to support the health and happiness of your horses in the most natural way possible.

(1 CPD Point)



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