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Internationally Recognised

Welcome to EMA! Enjoy browsing our website where you will find information about our “award winning” and fully accredited training career courses in Equine Massage, Associated Therapies and Rehabilitation.  We also have opportunities for horse owners to learn an additional skill to help improve the wellbeing of their own horses by attending a one day course.

Working with horses in this capacity is a rewarding way to spend your life. So,  if you are dreaming about a career where you can make a huge difference to the lives of horses then this might be just what you are looking for!

EMA is a well-established and recognised company with a unique, fully integrated approach to training and is widely acknowledged by many equestrian experts as one of the best  available worldwide. 

The difference with the EMA training courses and that of some other courses available is that we don’t only teach our students to ‘massage’ horses,  we produce Therapists’ capable of offering a comprehensive equine support service by paying attention to the horse in its entirety including the rider, anatomical relationship, tack and many other important elements.  This enables the Therapist to have a sound basis for the rehabilitation requirements of the horse and rider which leads to longevity of our therapy sessions and a reputation second to none!

EMA has a long-standing partnership with Bishop Burton College in delivering a BSc Equine Therapy and Rehabilitation (Royal Agriculture College)

Our courses are based on:

Empathy, Integrity, Science and Alternative Approaches