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Premier Equine Therapy Training

Internationally Recognised

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EMA is a well-established, industry-recognised training provider with a unique, fully integrated approach to equine therapy.  Our training leads to fully insured Therapists who also work with  Veterinary referrals which is not an option if you train with a provider offering a shorter, cheaper course of a lower standard.

It is widely acknowledged by many equestrian experts that EMA is ‘gold standard’ in training and the best  available worldwide, accredited courses to level 5.

The difference with the EMA training courses is that we don’t only teach our student Therapists to ‘massage’ horses, we teach functional therapy enabling you to provide a comprehensive integrated support service to your equine customers. We consider each horse as an individual along with the rider, tack, training aids and many other important elements that affect the horse’s musculoskeletal system and performance.  This enables the Therapist to have a sound basis for the therapy, training and rehabilitation requirements of the horse leading to an unrivalled reputation for EMA Therapists.

Harmonising the art of touch with Equine Science. Our holistic approach nurtures both body and soul, restoring balance and vitality to the majestic horses we serve




Empathy, Integrity, Science and Alternative Approaches

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