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Triangulation Technique

(2 days) £210





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"Triangulation” is a technique that covers assessment and treatment.


As an assessment technique, it helps the practitioner find the primary dysfunction of the body, the dysfunction that started the compensation pattern that is giving the current symptoms/gait abnormalities of the horse. Finding that primary dysfunction is key in making the treatment long lasting, and triangulation is a very good way to help you find it.


As a treatment method, it will help you rebalance an area of dysfunction by being a temporary fulcrum for the body. You will learn to guide the body through the rebalancing process in order to reset an area, help increase the function and the range of movement as well as the local communication with the central nervous system.


It is a very efficient technique that is incredibly versatile and can therefore be used on musculoskeletal, cranial and visceral tissue.

The technique is taught by Louise Mauferon Vernet, an equine manual therapist who trained for 5 years in equine osteopathy, and who will share her approach, skills and knowledge during this CPD.

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