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Advanced Assessment & Prescription for Performance & Rehabilitation





This training course has been aligned to Ofqual Level 6 descriptors and is designed to take the
equine professional through a variety of advanced assessment criteria resulting in specific
prescription therapy, training and rehabilitation, thereby allowing the horse to perform optimally.

It takes the equine professional through:

  • Training concepts

  • Injury, cause and effect

  • Clinical reasoning and diagnostics

  • A huge focus on correct movement and lameness assessment

  • Functional therapeutics including a practical session using neuromuscular stimulation which we are finding is an amazing modality for deeper muscles, nerve damage, trigger points etc.

  • The updated ‘Prescriptive Training for Performance & Rehabilitation Manual’ which has many exercises for customers to follow when taking their horse through its specific programme to strengthen and condition, rehabilitate injuries and much more.

Not to be missed for the professional who wants to take their practice to the highest level.








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