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Advanced Practitioner in Equine Integrative Support Therapies

(Level 5)




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Are you passionate about horses and eager to make a profound impact in the world of equine therapy? Look no further! Our comprehensive course is specifically designed to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and cutting-edge techniques necessary to become a leading professional in the industry.  Wherever you are in the world, this is the course for you and is easily accessible. If you envisage yourself as a full-time student or seek to balance your studies with work or family commitments, we are here to support you every step of the way.

What does this course offer?

Whether you're an avid equine enthusiast with a good standard of education or already working in the equine field as a professional, this course offers a transformative learning experience that will elevate your expertise to new heights. We believe that the key to being the best equine therapist lies in a deep understanding of the subjects that underpin manual therapy work.  That's why our course places a strong emphasis on these foundational subjects, ensuring that you have a solid grasp of the intricacies of the equine body. Our course covers a variety of subjects that are crucial for creating well-rounded therapists. You'll delve into equine behaviour, biomechanics, nutrition, rehabilitation strategies and much more. By gaining comprehensive knowledge in these areas, you'll be equipped to address the multifaceted needs of horses and become a trusted professional in the equine industry.

Entry Requirements:


To enrol in this programme, candidates must meet the following criteria:

A solid academic foundation is essential, with a minimum of good GCE grades at grade C or above.  The preferred qualifications include an 'A' level standard or an equivalent educational background. Candidates should possess a history of owning or working with horses, serving as a minimum requirement.  It must be noted that this course is classified as advanced education, emphasising the need for a strong educational background and experience base with horses.

Unsure if you meet the entry rquirements? Just contact Millie at: She will be happy to assist with any questions you have.

What do you study?

Equine Anatomy & Physiology - you will focus on the structure and function of the horse, looking at different body systems and how they work to maintain the health and function of the horse.  It’s conformation and how this affects the horse’s athletic ability and predisposition to certain injuries.

Equine Science - this covers a broad field of management such as nutrition, psychology, health and welfare, exercise physiology, evolution and domestication.

Supplementary Subjects - these include equine rehabilitation strategies, tack and training aids, rider and horse anatomical relationship and other subjects to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills. Also, a business unit to help you to manage a successful equine therapy business.

Manual Therapy Techniques - we provide the latest advancements in manual therapy techniques. Our curriculum is meticulously designed to expose you to a wide array of hands-on methods that have been proven effective in promoting equine wellness.  Starting with an initial in-depth assessment and progressing to a choice of sports massage, maintenance massage and remedial massage to myofascial release, you'll learn a diverse range of techniques to help horses overcome physical limitations, recover from injuries, and optimise their performance.  Every horse is treated as an individual with a prescriptive programme.  You will also learn Equine Manual Lymphatic Drainage (EMLD) on this level 5 course.

Accreditation you can trust:

Our course is accredited by The Institute of Veterinary Animal Professionals (IRVAP), ensuring you receive training of the highest standards. Angela Hall, also a qualified quality assurance assessor and IRVAP Council Officer, continuously updates the courses with the latest scientific research, keeping you at the forefront of the profession.



How is the course delivered?

The theory and practical tuition is delivered online in a step-by-step process, you have access to video lectures and downloadable manuals.  You will take part in quizzes to engage you and test your learning.  You have 5 assignments to complete over the entire course (Foundation, Module 1 and Module 2).  You will also complete 11 case studies on horses over the entire course.  All coursework is assessed by your allocated assessor, which is a key part of your study journey to receive expert feedback and advice on the work you have submitted.

Our videos and multimedia bring the world of equine therapy alive with real-life examples to prepare you for the industry as a therapist.


You also have access to support sessions on Zoom with your student liaison officer/lead assessor, whom you can engage with for advice and support if required.


We keep you motivated throughout the course – our set-up is not clinical – it is based on real-life, and is delivered in a friendly and accessible way to everyone,  wherever you live in the world.

You have the additional option of face-to-to face practical tuition if you wish. Detailed below.

Course Completion

If you have around 10 hours a month to dedicate to your studies, say 3 hours a week,  you will make good progress.  You will start with the Foundation Module progressing to Module 1, finishing with Module 2.

Realistically you can complete the course in around 12 to 18 months, depending on the time you have to allocate to your studies; courses that qualify you in less duration will not equip you with the skills you need of this standard.  We suggest a maximum timescale of completing is 24 months.

Payment of fees with total flexibility

You “pay as you go” this way, you can study in accordance with your available funds. The course has been divided into three Modules, and each Module is paid for separately, so it’s like a payment plan but flexible to suit your circumstances.

If you want to complete your studies earlier, then you can pay off your course fees quicker and move on to the next Module.  If you want to delay your fee payment and studies, then you take a break before progressing to the next Module.

Total course fee = £2200

All course fees are interest-free and can be paid by card or PayPal.

You start with the Foundation Module, which is £800.  You can pay in full or monthly.  If you pay monthly, you pay £160 a month for 5 months.


Next is Module 1, which is £700.  You can pay in full or monthly.  If you pay monthly, you pay £120 per month for 6 months.

Finally, its Module 2, which is £700.  You can pay in full or monthly.  If you pay monthly, you pay £120  per month for 6 months.


Master Class Face-to-Face Package (Optional)

In addition to the multimedia online package, this Master Class Package allows you to enhance your learning experience with personalised practical guidance from an instructor. You will have the opportunity to attend live practical sessions held over 2 days at Bishop Burton College, East Yorkshire, where you will participate in interactive discussions to further strengthen your understanding of the practical elements of the course that you have learned online.

These are held over 2 days for Module 1 and 2 days for Module 2. There is an additional cost for this which is £400 at Module 1 and £400 at Module 2.   We can provide you with information on local accommodation to suit your budget.

You are not required to decide on this option at the moment. You can decide depending on how you progress with your studies, we offer these classes every 12 weeks.

Ready for an amazing life-changing opportunity?

Enrol now on the Foundation Module and embark on an exciting journey towards becoming the best possible equine therapist the industry has ever seen!



























We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our former and current students for choosing us for your equine manual therapy training.  It is a privilege to share our knowledge and passion for this field with each and every one of you. Your hard work, dedication, and commitment to improving the lives of horses through manual therapy and much more that we can offer you are truly inspiring. We are proud to be part of your journey, and we look forward to continuing to support you in your future endeavours.


Click HERE to progress to Module 1

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