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Equine Massage for Horse Owners – 1 day course


A practical level 3 accredited course designed for the horse owner to learn a new skill to support the  muscular system of their own horse for all breeds or disciplines. You will learn how this helps with both the physical and psychological aspects of the horse.

Animal welfare, trust, and bonding between horse and owner help with injury prevention and improved performance are all key aspects of this training.  You will learn a lot about the issues we see with horses as Therapists and how you can help to avoid these occurring in the first instance with your own horses.

The Musculoskeletal system is fascinating and you will learn some key facts about muscles and how to apply your own massage as a maintenance routine to keep your horse’s muscles healthy or between Therapist appointments.

Be prepared to learn a lot and go away invigorated and eager to get started with your new skills!


Pony Massage for Children – ¾ day course

We are passionate about educating children about their ponies.  We believe it’s important for children to learn to care for and respect their ponies as this helps them grow up to become the caring and compassionate equestrians of the future.  The training is aimed at children between 6 and 18 years of age.  We can teach this in two age groups 6 – 12 and 13 – 18 so that the content is specific for the age groups.

They will learn a lot at this clinic about the fascinating muscular system and how to keep it as healthy as possible in their ponies to minimize the risk of injury and enhance performance.

Holistic Therapy for All Breeding Stock (Maintaining & Correcting Musculoskeletal Health)  


Online: HERE

You will receive expert guidance on hands on tuition of how to perform manual therapy to help all breeding stock –  the mare, the foal, youngsters, the stallion and much more.

Information that new breeders will be empowered to learn and experienced breeders might have overlooked.  One-off breeders or those with a mare that has bred or raising a youngster will all benefit.

A comprehensive manual covers the entire breeding process with hot tips from industry experts.

There is nothing in existence like this multimedia training!

Equine Bit and Bridle Assessment – 1 day course

A level 3 accredited course designed for everyone - horse owners, therapists, saddle fitters, riding instructors – everyone around horses as we all have a responsibility for what is in the horse’s mouth!

Selecting the correct bit and bridle for an individual horse (as they are all different) has a definite impact not only on equine performance, biomechanics, injury prevention but welfare too.

The course is very in depth delivered by our industry expert of IUVO Equine.    It covers bit types, materials, function and how to select, apply and fit the bit according to the horse and its requirements.  This is a more complex process than many horse owners think who have many ridden, behavioural and musculoskeletal problems that can often be rectified from correct bitting.

Attendees will be able to thoroughly palpate and determine with confidence, whether the bit is functioning correctly for that horse and if not, advise accordingly.  Case history, horse personality, mouth conformation, ridden discipline and bit types are considerations during the practical assessment.

Also available via our on-line training platform HERE

Equine Nutrition for Horse Owners – 1 day course

A must for all horse owners.  What to feed horses of various breeds, ages, equestrian  disciplines and those with disorders can be overwhelming with the vast array of products and conflicting information available. 

This training provides the leaner with a good depth of knowledge of nutrition that underpins equine health and nutrition management for horse owners. 

A very comprehensive full day course with a practical element too.

Your Instructor also lectures on our professional Equine Nutrition Advisor training course and is qualified at BSc level and has a great interest in natural feeding and supplementation.

Equine Emergency First Aid Certification  – 1 day

A level 3 accredited course – certification is valid for 3 years the same as an emergency first aid certificate for people.  You will be able to promote yourself that you are a trained Equine Emergency First-Aider.

This training should be taken by anyone who owns, cares for or works with a horse.  It could save the life of a horse when unexpected circumstances occur be it at home on the yard, when travelling or at a competition.


You will learn everything from correctly taking the horse’s vital signs to dealing with colic, choke, heavy bleeding, tying up, heat stress, wound care and bandaging and much more. 


A full day of essential learning.

Colic and Gut Health – Management & Prevention - 1 day


A level 3 accredited course. 


We have introduced colic into our emergency first aid training as all custodians of horse’s dread this terrible condition occurring. 


The incidence of colic is extremely high among all horses and is a  definite  emergency that requires quick decisions.  


We will take the learner through the many causes of colic and how to help avoid through diet, management and more.    You will also learn what to do exactly if colic occurs to help to save the life of a horse.


Gentle massage work to support the horse during a colic attack can be very beneficial and you will be taught exactly what to do and what to avoid.

Botanical Choices for Horse Owners  - 1 day course

A level 3 accredited course which produces fascinating training which will give you an insight into how horses self-select natural compounds  to self-medicate by inhaling and ingesting essential oils and other plant extracts.  They have been doing this for centuries ‘zoopharmacognosy’ but humans removed this ability for them when we domesticated horses and placed them in lush paddocks and stables.

​This course will allow you to work with your own horse by facilitating the self-selection process which is very different to feeding a horse herbs or supplements that it might not actually need and can be toxic.

​We have learned from wild animals and research, how specific parts of plants can  improve and support an animal’s physical and psychological needs  to  promote and maintain natural health and wellbeing.

​We have success of working in this way with horses with gastric issues, laminitis, emotional disturbances, joint pain and much more.

This training is also a precursor to the Practitioner course if you are thinking about becoming a professional to provide this service to other horse owners.

Phototherapy for Animals

On-line: HERE

This training will assist owners when using phototherapy such as the Photizo Vetcare ™ machine on their horses to assist with tissue healing after injury, arthritis, muscle complaints and much more.




Equine Anatomy & Physiology -  1 day course

Dedicated training to give equestrians a more in-depth knowledge of anatomy & physiology which will help them to understand differences between horses being sound and unsound, injury prevention, performance enhancement, the importance bespoke training for horses according to their physical bodies and much more.  All systems are covered.


Fascinating training that will highlight muscle and skeletal movement and ultimately how the  horse’s body needs to move in harmony.

Equine Conformation, Biomechanics & Beyond 1 day course

A level 3 accredited course not to be missed – it’s of huge benefit to all horse owners who attend, and to their horses!

We will take you through conformation, the realities and the  misconceptions.     The importance of functional conformation, biomechanics and posture which are all linked to the overall performance and soundness of any horse performing in any discipline,  from the leisure horse to world class athletes.

The variations in conformation between and within different breeds, the best conformation requirements for a specific discipline are all discussed.

You will be able to review your training practices based on what your horse is best suited to for the avoidance of injury.  Many horses are trained in the same way but their conformation doesn’t lend itself to a generic approach.

You will never look at a horse in the same way again once you have learned the top tips from industry experts.

Equine Water Treadmill for Training & Rehabilitation


On-line: HERE

There’s a lot to this multi-media training – the only one of its kind!

The training is full of detail and information about the benefits of hydrotherapy using a water treadmill and how to do this correctly for the benefit of the horse.

You will receive a comprehensive training manual of prescriptive programmes for general strength and conditioning for horses and for those with diagnosed conditions and/or requiring rehabilitation.


The course is underpinned by the latest scientific research.  Anyone using an Equine Water Treadmill to train their horse will benefit from this training.

Training & Rehabilitation from an Anatomical Perspective for Horse Owners  – 1 day

Essential training to provide the learner  with a thorough understanding of training horses from the anatomical perspective with supporting  information on skeletal and muscular function.  Various training concepts are covered including pre-training, strength and conditioning, rehabilitation, injury prevention and much more.

Learners will be more mindful of why horse’s performance can decline and injuries occur with a view to preventing this.  

The key focus is that all horses are different and require an individual bespoke programme of training so they can excel in their equestrian discipline whilst supporting their overall health, well-being and performance.

Not to be missed by all equestrians irrespective of discipline.

The Full Extent of Equine Lameness – 1 day

This in-depth training will teach the owner what you really need to look for when assessing lameness and what is often missed by owners and professionals alike. All of which has major consequences of moving forward with lameness rehabilitation and management.  Many don’t even know the subtle signs of lameness, but you will learn them.

A fascinating day with lots of valuable information and multimedia observational discussions. 



Racehorse to Riding Horse Aftercare – 1 day course

A level 3 accredited course, essential for anyone who is thinking about acquiring an ex racehorse for retraining, might already be in the process or retraining, or indeed feel they have completed the process but want to enhance – there is so much to constantly learn about the special thoroughbred.

We discuss issues that affect a racehorse in training and how to manage these in a new home and career both in terms of physical and psychological aspects.


We advise on the entire re-training process with what you will encounter and how to deal with for  successful retraining and an ongoing bond and partnership .

Not to be missed by anyone,  irrespective of experience – as we know every horse is different and reacts differently to a new career! 

This training is full of top tips and much more,  created by experts in this field.

Optimum Management when Travelling Horses  (Certificate of Competency)

¾ day course


A level 3 certified training course designed initially to meet the requirements as outlined in EU regulations but has progressed to optimum management for anyone travelling horses, aimed at:


  • Anyone who travels a horse for leisure  purposes whether experienced or novice at travelling horses

  • Travelling Grooms / Head Yard Personnel

  • Travelling horses for a commercial reason over 65km such as travelling racehorses (original EU regulation).


This training is underpinned by equine welfare, health and safety and scientific research. The health and wellbeing of the horse is always at the forefront of our training and attendees  will learn a lot that they didn't know about travelling horses and how it affects their wellbeing and performance at their destination.

A must for anyone who travels to compete their horses you will be astonished at what you will learn for the advantage of the horse.

Optimum Horse Care and Management for Owners – ¾ day course

A comprehensive training course for horse owners covering a host of interesting subjects to help you be the best you can for your horse.

Nowadays there are many conflicting messages and information circulating on social media, magazines, etc that can be overwhelming for both new and experienced horse owners attempting to understand this fast-paced, rapidly changing, and confusing environment.

We have taken the myth out of many subjects and give you evidence-based advice.

General wellbeing, seasonal care, selecting the services of professionals, recognizing lameness and incorrect tack fit, following rehabilitation plans, and much more!  You and your horse won’t be disappointed irrespective of the level of experience you already have!

Buying a Horse – All you need to Know – ¾  day course

Owning a horse can be a hugely rewarding experience. Success depends on many things and in this training course,  we will cover everything you need to consider before buying a horse and also whilst owning one.  Even some things you might never have thought about, it’s all here.  We will guide you through mistakes you can make and how to avoid them, the legalities of purchase contracts, and much more!


Even if you have just bought a horse, or indeed an experienced owner and looking to buy another horse – this training will still help you.

Paddock Management for Equestrian -  ½ day course

You might not realise how a paddock in terms of its topography, as a food and exercise source can greatly impact of the health and welfare of your horse.

Paddocks have many different purposes they are a food source, exercise area and a secure environment to socialise and interact with other horses. Whether your horse lives out 24/7 or is turned out for a few hours a day, paddock management is very important to your horse’s health. Investing time into the proper paddock care will  be extremely beneficial in the long-term.  


This training  will bring you a host of information on what you need to do to maintain the paddock well enough to keep your horses healthy and performing as best they can. 


Whether you are experienced in paddock management or new to this, there is something for everyone in this training and lots of ideas that you might not have thought of.




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