Equine Integrative Support Therapies

Level 5

(career course)




EMA is proud to work in partnership with Bishop Burton College by offering the Equine Integrative Support Therapies Level 5 nationally accredited training programme as supplementary learning to their FdSc and BSc (Hons) Equine Therapy & Rehabilitation.

Many of the students from this partnership go onto study MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy and other avenues;  many say that by undertaking the EMA training not only compliments their BSc but future studies too and equips them with a multi-faceted approach for industry.

​To demonstrate continued support for EMA's working relationship with Bishop Burton College, we are offering, each year, a full EMA scholarship to a BSc Therapy & Rehabilitation student. The scholarship value will be the entire course fee for the EMA training and final assessment (exam) fee.

We employ 6 graduates from this EMA/Bishop Burton partnership which is amazing for you to see where the training can lead.  We have Instructors, Assessors and Researchers in our current team.  Others have gone onto to do exceptionally well in their chosen career.  Please see the student testimonials on our website.

Training Format

Our fully integrated approach to training with solid theory and practical skills provides extremely high standards of training at competitive fees to equip you for the best possible career Equine Therapy.  Or you may wish to work in another equestrian area but have a skill that is always transferrable and can be put to use.

We offer a number of add on CPD (continuing professional development) training days in associated therapies both complementary and alternative which are popular among our Graduates and again supplement your skills in Massage Therapy to be the best you can be in the industry. Extensive training under one umbrella guaranteeing the same high standards.

Our approach to training takes into account the horse’s behaviour and psychology as well as its physical structure.  We have a specific interest in prescriptive training for the individual horse, ensuring every aspect of its tack and equipment is fit for purpose, we look closely at the horse and rider relationship too all of which is aimed at avoiding injury to allow the horse to  excel in its performance.  When we do perform therapy, it is prescriptive to that horse (not just a massage) which we draw upon from an extensive ‘tool box’.

​You will learn an immense repertoire of practical massage techniques such as sports massage, deep tissue muscle release, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilisation and full passive stretch routines among a few.   A combination of all of these techniques produces an Equine Integrative Support Therapist second to none with the skills and ability to help leisure and performance horses of all disciplines to perform and recover better, ultimately enhancing health and wellbeing and maximising the horse and rider partnership.


Training Delivery

The programme is delivered in two Modules (around 6 months apart) which incorporates some on-line, distance and attended learning with us at Bishop Burton between 3 and 5 days.  These dates are provided by the college when the student will be free to study with us.  It is important to note that the EMA programme compliments your studies with Bishop Burton and, you have 1year post graduation to complete your EMA training so there is no rush.

It is also very important to note that there are training organisations offering short courses at low fees in Equine Massage, such courses may not give you the required knowledge, skills, experience or competency levels to become a Professional Therapist.  You will only learn the basics.  A number of Vets whom we work with will not recognise such training. We do not support such training ethics either.


Tuition Fees

Total Course Fees - £1995

Final Assessment & Certification = £150

  *Monthly Payment Plans are available *



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