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Equine Acupressure

& Meridian Therapy (including Shiatsu)




Course Information


A course developed to help horses recovering from illness, disease and acute conditions. We will look at the equine body and its bio-energy-circulation system (similar to the blood-circulation system). The bio-energy flows along meridians throughout the body, each being related to a specific organ. Many points are distributed along the meridians and these points are essentially transformer stations through which bio-energy flows into the muscle structure to allow organized activity to take place.

In disease, imbalances develop in these energy flows, causing some of the transformer points to become irritated or congested. This results in pain or weakness in the surrounding muscles. Stimulating these points with pressure (acupressure) helps to normalize impaired conditions. Therapists will find this a very useful extra modality!

We are delighted to work with one of our Graduates, Donna Barker who has qualified in Equine Shiatsu and will be delivering this training.  Shiatsu is a form of Japanese therapy, the majority of the work covers soft tissue injuries and movement dysfunctions.  This is also performed on acupuncture points along the meridians – the same as those performed in Veterinary Acupuncture.  It allows the body to release pain and tension gently adjusting both posture and attitude.








Please contact us to check availability and dates and when agreed, click on the enrolment form below and return to us.

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