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Exploring Equine Neurology: With Practical Assessments





Who is the Course For?

This course caters to all equestrians, including horse owners and professionals. Neurological issues in horses are unfortunately very common and often go overlooked which can lead to numerous health implications for horses.

What Will You Learn?

We focus specifically on the equine nervous system and common disorders.  How to evaluate neurological soundness in a horse through our practical 10-Point Dynamic Assessment Checklist, supplemented with a video assessment so you know exactly what to do if you suspect something isn’t right with a horse.


Importantly, we explore how horses perceive pain, particularly chronic or persistent pain, the many causes of this pain and methods to prevent neurological issues from arising in the first place.  We also provide insights into managing these issues if they do occur and treatment options.

(2 CPD Points)

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Angela visited my horse a few years ago and successfully addressed a neurological issue that caused severe reactions to bright light, especially sunlight. Her expertise and dedication made a significant difference, and I am incredibly grateful for her help. I am delighted that she has now created this course.

Amanda Henshaw

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