These courses are taught in Ireland by an EMA training partner - Equi-Ed


Therese Murphy founded Equi-Ed in 2019 to deliver bespoke equine massage and therapy related training to Ireland.  Equi-Ed is a training partner of the internationally recognised training school Equine Massage Academy based in England.  Equi-Ed will be delivering all of the Equine Massage Academy courses in Ireland.

Therese brings a wealth of experience to the industry, she has been involved with horses most of her life, she qualified and has been working with horses for 11 years in a massage therapy capacity.  Her speciality  is equine rehabilitation and injury analysis.

Also a  neuromuscular and orthopaedic specialist in humans too but prefers to work with horses.

An already experienced instructor in Equine Anatomy & Physiology to complete the  expertise that Equi-Ed will bring to equine industry in Ireland.




For course information, dates, venues and to enrol, please contact Therese direct at :