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Applied Racehorse Support Therapies

This level 5 comprehensive course is aimed at Equine Therapists who would like to acquire a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of the racehorse.  It is well recognised that racing trainers prefer working with individuals with a detailed understanding of the Thoroughbred.

Our training principles are based on objective, evidence based research and a thorough understanding of the Thoroughbred and its training as a racehorse. It is our aim as Therapists to give the horse the best possible chance in its career by fully supporting both its physical, psychological and social needs.

The training will encompass 1 day working with racehorses in a theory and practical capacity accompanied by an informative training manual.  A number of assignments and case studies are to be completed by distance learning prior to award of this certificate.







Course Date & Fees:

12/11/22 - £320



distance learning



East Yorkshire

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