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What will you receive?

Our horse owner courses are multimedia, delivered through a professional presentation and filmed for your ease of access. The course is then yours with unlimited access, and you can download any training manuals, along with a certificate of attendance. There are no lessons to complete requiring your input, quizzes etc, everything is available for you in a presented format, you just sit back and learn through viewing and unlimited access.

 You will not be disappointed with the training courses and the learning content quality, which mirrors our professional courses' very high standard. You will receive training material of substance and relevance to the equine industry for all equestrians and their horses to benefit.


What will you discover?

Up-to-date learning from our Healthcare, Management and Performance series of courses.  All at very affordable online fees which we have significantly reduced from our 'attended' training course fees.

You are a click away from:

  • Knowing where and why your horse might be hurting?

  • Learning fitness and training solutions for your horse, bringing maximum performance and minimal injury!

  • Monitoring your horse's health and performance through heart rate, temperature and other key indicators!

  • Learning how to simplify and manage the complexities of lameness!

  • And MUCH more....

Why this method of course delivery?

Equine Massage Academy (EMA) is a leading international training provider in equine therapy related career courses. Before that, it was the original pioneer of equine massage for horse owners' training courses in the UK.

We now have this training purely for horse owners to bridge the gap between themselves and Therapists, Vets, Scientists etc, by creating an informed knowledge base underpinned by science, observational experience and industry expertise to further enhance the health and wellbeing of all horses. This is to benefit not only horse owners but also associated people such as grooms, riding instructors, stable staff etc, those who are around horses on a day-to-day basis who are responsible for their healthcare and performance.

Nowadays, there is much conflicting information circulating within the entire media, online, magazines and so on, all of which can be overwhelming for both new and experienced horse owners. Attempting to understand this fast paced, rapidly changing and confusing environment driven by clever marketing campaigns isn’t easy and there seems to be a high price tag with everything ‘equestrian’ that promises miracle cures and enhanced performance.

 We have taken the myth out of many of these confusing subjects to give you evidence-based training. Instead of being tempted to buy equipment, gadgets, training aids and so on, you can make your decisions from a place of knowledge. Much of this equipment is not necessary and some can be detrimental – we have seen this often in our professional work especially with equipment that has no scientific backing or research behind it, suggesting it is used to “rehabilitate” horses.

 Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit yourself and your horse! you are a click away from transforming your equine knowledge


.Click HERE for our full range of online training.

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